Beautiful and Fashionable Hair Ties to Keep Your Hair Off Your Pretty Face

A hair tie is an item that is normally used to fasten hair, especially long hair away from the facial area. It allows for hairstyles such as bunches, pony tail or pigtails, used to secure straight, wavy and loosely curled hair, highly curled and textured natural hair. There are two common types of hair ties, the scrunchie and the hairpin. The durability and elasticity of hair ties are dependent on the materials of which they are made such as rubber, a stretchy form of cotton or elastic.

Hair ties have numerous names such as:


  • Go-go
  • Hairband
  • Bobble
  • Hairbow
  • Rackey
  • Ponytail holder
  • Chongo
  • Hair deals
  • Dodoggle
  • Pretties
  • Hair binder
  • Rubber band
  • Hair elastic
  • Elastic band
  • Wiggy
  • Best friend
  • Hair up
  • Barrette


Whatever hair ties are known and called, they remain to be accessories to tie the hair in a fashionable manner. This is the reason why lazos para el pelo from are so fashionable and colorful that can fit every occasion and outfits.

During the 1700s, women and children had used ribbons to fasten their hair to keep them out of their faces while working but had been rejected for being un-ladylike. A century after, Thomas Hancock and invented and patented elastic and women began using it to pull their hair back tighter. The problem was that it hurt the users’ scalp when pulling the band out of the hair, and was still considered un-ladylike.

Rommy Revson patented the scrunchie in 1986 which was a vast improvement from the elastic rubber bands that get stuck or tangled. They are cute and came in different patterns and colors since they are now very ladylike. The latest innovation in hair ties came from the creation of Emily Matson and Julianne Goldmark, since they are comfortable, colorful and cute. They are called emi-jays and are hand-made with fold over satin and elastic to avoid damaging the hair or hurting the scalp. specializes in hair accessories and got a wide variety of handmade bow ties and other items among them bow hair ties. All their products will be able to suit everyone’s style and needs for all special occasion. Beside elastic foam rubber bow shaped hair ties, also have the new hook systems, the metal spring pin and the metal clip pin which can be used for different hairstyles among young adults. is a reliable online store that offers products that are new and originally designed and hand made in Spain using high-quality fabrics. Fabrics in different high-grade materials, designs, styles and colors such as pink, yellow, orange, red, brown, purple, garnet, blue, green, black/white, and gray are available. accepts requests for made to order bow ties for occasions such as weddings or communions and uniform ties as well.

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