Creations by Nati Jimenez Available at Lennox Moda Online Store

When dressing up for special occasions, any woman should pay attention to the texture, color, length and sleeves of the dress in order to stand apart. The dress can be long or short, depending on the place where the occasion will be celebrated. It is still very relevant as before for dresses with flounces, basques and ruffles and those that emphasize the hip and waist line.

The texture of the dress can be in satin, lace, tulle, chiffon, velvet and organza and can have an asymmetric cut shaped sleeves and hemline. Designs can vary from strapless dresses, off-shoulder dresses, one-shoulder dresses, cap-sleeve dresses, sweetheart dresses, open back dresses, long dresses, high-neck dresses, short dresses, mermaid dresses, knee-length dresses and other more eye-catching designs that can allow any woman to select the best design to suit their body.

Nati Jimenez is a clothing brand that is dedicated to creating, designing and manufacturing garments for all type of parties, ceremonies and special occasions for young girls/boys and women. The company is located in Spain and is committed to taking care of every little detail of their excellent creations that are offered at unbeatable prices.

Nati Jimenez’ outfits are all designed with elegance, exquisiteness, functionality and sobriety to ensure that whoever wears them will feel beautiful and special. Sizes available are from 38 to 48 and 48 to 58.

Lennox Moda is one of the online stores who sells Nati Jimenez collections and currently many of the dresses created are available online. One of its featured dresses is Nati Jimenez short party dress in pink and in green for only 215 euro, while another short party dress by Nati Jimenez in black/gray/white only cost 59.99 euro. Currently being offered on discount for spring/summer are the three-piece set Nati Jimenez with printed blouse both in pink and in blue for 74.90 euro and for autumn/winter dresses two-piece set Nati Jimenez in dark gray and in black for 39.90 euro.

Nati Jimenez, long party dress, black/red ensemble only cost 158.13 euro, the Blast party long dress, Nati Jimenes in black/red and the short party dress Nati Jimenez brown/black, both available at 69.90 euro, long party dress, Nati Jimenez, gray with embroidered flowers for 69.90 euro and another long party dress, Nati Jimenez, brown/turquoise for 59.90 euro.

Lennox Moda is a party clothing store that has been in the business for more than 30 years selling fashionable clothing for men and women. The store has a wide range of products and brands dresses for all occasions and specializes in large sizes from size 36 to 64. Original creations from Nati Jimenez, Sonia Pena, Moncho Heredia, Olimara, X & M and other designers of best party clothing brands are available at this online store. Several of Nati Jimenez creations are available on the Outlet Area offered at 50% discount.

Lennox Moda offers personalized service and if interested with other splendid Nati Jimenez creations, don’t hesitate to contact the company by sending an email to or call at phone number 669989788.