How to get followers on Instagram

Instagram is a mobile application that started in the year 2010. This application allows you to take pictures or videos and instantly post them online. So that people can be able to like, comment or share your post from Instagram they have to “follow” you so that they can constantly be updated from any new post that you will post on Instagram. Those people who follow you are called Instagram Followers they are the ones who are like your mini fans because they are always curious about what you have been up to. To get followers here are ways that you can do to get followers in Instagram.

  • Inform

You can always inform your friends or family about your Instagram account. That way they will immediately think of following you so that they will be able to know what are the cool pictures you’ve posted or what are the videos you posted. Because you can inform your friends and family, they may also inform their other friends and family to follow you on Instagram.

  • Interesting

Keep your Instagram account interesting so that people will always be interested in seeing what are the new pictures or videos you have posted. Your followers will always be curious about what are the current activities you are doing or which country you were taking vacations. This way as well, your current followers will inform their followers to follow you.

  • Update

Don’t stop updating your Instagram account if you do that your Instagram Followers will think that you are not using the application anymore. Keep updating your account so that instead of losing any follower you will be able to get followers.

  • Reply

If you want to get followers, you can reply to comments from other social media that you have an Instagram account so that they will turn into your Instagram Followers. If ever there are Instagram accounts that have not followed you but have commented on one of your pictures or videos, you should reply to them so that they will know you are reading your comments. They will feel appreciated because you took the time to reply to their comment.

  • Re-follow

You should also try to re-follow your current followers so that other people see the post and can become your followers. This way you can get new followers and still have the previous ones. The process will be the same with your new followers and their followers giving you the chance to get followers.


Now you know what are the things you can do to get Instagram Followers, this way people can comment, like and share your new posts or your previous post. With them, they can make you feel happy because there are people around you that appreciate your creativity when it comes to taking pictures or creating videos for them to enjoy or for them to be updated on your life. This way, there will be people who can help you find nice online shops and other things.