Know the Tested and Proven Tips for Selling Your Silver Handmade Rings

Do you want to earn big on selling jewelries? How about selling anillos plata artesanales (silver handmade rings)? As a business minded individual, it is very important to be familiarized with your product first if you want to become a successful entrepreneur. It is not enough that you just know how to handle a business if you don’t know what you are selling to your customers.

What makes anillos plata artesanales more appealing to customers than machine-made rings? To make it simpler and less baffling, mass produced or machine made silver rings are specifically made to attract most people. While on the other hand, anillos plata artesanales are specifically made to match the wearer’s personality or taste.

Thus, if your customers want to have a personalized silver ring, you got to be the perfect shop they should go to. So, in order to sell your anillos plata artesanales, you have to know something about jewelries even if you are not a gemologist. It is a plus point for customers if they know that you are knowledgeable about your product which can add some factor to your set prices.

To calculate the price of your rings on sale, depend it on its metal price. Multiply it by its purity which refers to its true noble metal content then times its weight. The ring’s purity is measured by its karat gold where 24 is the purest or noble metal content from silver, platinum, or gold. For platinum, it is typically made of 10% alloy and 90% pure. Silver jewelries are usually Sterling which is .925 pure.

Selling anillos plata artesanales is not that easy. So, if you want to sell your jewelries at a high price and expect it to be sold right away, then, you might be hopeless. As the jewelry’s price increase or set at a high price, the longer it is to get sold. Jewelries might be one of the most luxurious things to buy that anyone wants but, it can be hard to get too if you don’t have enough money. But, if you can get a regular customer who would order jewelries from you everytime he or she is attending an event, you’re lucky.

Remember, your invested time and energy adds u to that price of your anillos plata artesanales. Each process of selling jewelry is accompanied with its liabilities and strengths. Some customers would take 2 or more visitation to your shop before they make up their mind and buy from you. So, never take your transaction as easy as ABC, it takes a good tongue and a good brain combines to hit a jackpot customer.

Consider also your shipping fees especially if you want to get clients from different countries or states. In addition, take note that the complexity of your products should be considered for setting your price too if you want to get a good ROI. Finally, if you are not confident enough with your marketing skills, hire a professional jewelry broker who would sell your products.