Manage Your Curls with These Tips

Are you a woman with straight hair or curly hair? If you have a silky straight hair good for you but if you have those natural curls, you should consider yourself lucky because not everyone is blessed to have that curls.

You may think that we are kidding because curly hair women find it hard to fix their hair and in choosing a hair cut that would fit them well, but believe me when I say that having a curly hair makes you look 10 x times younger. So if you want to maintain that youthful look you should start taking care of those natural curls. If you’re having a hard time managing your hair, here are tips that could help you out:

  1. Always bring your productos pelo rizado / curly hair products with you at all times.

If you are going out, make sure that you carry your productos pelo rizado with you like your anti-frizz serums, styling gels, and heat protectants. By bringing these products you can avoid having a bad hair day anywhere you are.

  1. Look for a reputable and good hair stylist.

This is essential, you should look for a good hairdresser that knows their work and can handle you delicate curls. Not all salons have a good stylist for curls. So look for a salon that is good with curly hair. But remember you should only trim your hair whenever the ends are damaged or have split ends because curly hair grows slower so if you do not need any hair cut don’t try to cut it at all.

  1. Always go for that extra conditioner.

This is a common problem to many curly haired women. The ends of your hair tend to get dry and even if you have good length it doesn’t show because of your curls. If you have this problem, you should not attempt to comb your hair because it will only result to more dryness. To fix your dryness problem, you must buy extra conditioning products in the market.

  1. Don’t get tired in finding your Shampoo and Conditioner.

You might find it hard to look for a shampoo or conditioner that would best work for you but you should not lose hope because finding the right one requires numerous trial and errors. Besides that, you can ask your stylist for any recommendation because they probably know what suits you best.

  1. Avoid over-washing of hair.

For curly women like you, you should avoid washing your hair too often because it can cause great disaster in your hair. When the natural oils fail to reach the hair strips, the shampoo only strips out the existing moisture. So you should avoid washing your hair for more than twice a week.

  1. Make use of Leave-in hair conditioners.

To manage your curly hair, you should better apply leave in conditioners in your hair tips after every wash and if it’s still dry afterward.

With these tips, you can now manage your curls and eventually you can actually appreciate the beauty of having a curly hair.