The Antique Buying Guide for First-Time Antique Collectors

Is your fund of collecting different furniture for your home interior? If you are giving out so much time collecting things, why not collect something that offers great value? Yes, you can collect something with great value like Antiques.

What are Antiques?

To be considered as an Antique, an item should be 100 years old and older. If an item is 20 years or younger, it is only considered as a Vintage good. The best thing about collecting Antique is that it can provide warmth and adds personal style to your home’s interior. Besides from that, unlike the trendiest furniture that decreases in value over time, antique even increases in value over the years, and you have an array of tienda de antigüedades online / online antique shop to choose from.

As you consider Antique as your new collection, you may want to check out these guidelines as a newbie in antique collecting.

To educate yourself with regards to antique collecting, the first thing you need to do is to familiarize yourself with the styles of furniture during different time periods and places by browsing online or reading history books.

As you start shopping for different antique products, you’ll be amazed on the numerous sources where you can buy your first antique. From antique stores, you can also shop for antique furniture and other items online. Before you start shopping, here are few things you should know as you shop online:

  • When it comes to large furniture, you must remember that always comes with a large shipping fee. So it would be wiser if you’ll order smaller antique items online.
  • If you want to purchase bigger pieces online, you should try searching on “shop by location”. Finding this feature is not that hard because it is available on numerous sites like eBay and Etsy.
  • As a consumer, you should not be afraid to ask about any essential information and photos of the item in different angles, measurement and more.
  • If you are having doubts about the item. You should inquire about the online seller’s return policy just to be sure that you have a money back guarantee in case that you want to return the item.

Now that you are aware of how to properly shop online, you should now educate yourself on how you’ll spot a great piece of antique furniture. Here are ways on how you’ll spot that great piece:

  1. You should always follow your heart as an antique collector. You have to think about your needs, style preference and the investment value of the antique piece.
  2. Observe the item real carefully. Ask yourself if the item is well created, care of and look out for any damages like cracks and broken pieces. To ensure that the potential piece you are going to purchase is the one, you should ask the seller about its history.

With this guideline, finding and buying your first antique will not be that stressful. Just remember that in choosing, you should always follow your heart and you’ll never go wrong.

You can also educate yourself by visiting the best antique shops in town or you can drop by on auctions or trade fairs. If you are dedicated and willing to learn everything about antiques, many dealers will be happy to share their knowledge.