The Most Common Dental Procedures on Dentistry

Do you want a strong, healthy and beautiful looking tooth and gums? Well, the first thing you should do is to start caring for your teeth even at home and second never neglect to attend your dental appointment. As you visit your dentist for teeth checkup, you can be able to observe that your dentist is using all sorts of material de odontologia as they start a dental procedure. This is actually normal because Dental materials are purely designed for dentistry uses for it is made with specialized fabricated materials.

They are various kinds of material de odontologia and their characteristic or use varies on the procedure it is intended to be used. Although not all dental procedures are using material de odontologia, it is still better if you as a patient are aware of the different dental practices your dentist can handle. So that you can have an idea of the next dental practice you want to be done for your teeth.

  • The Root Canals or Endodontics.

In this treatment, the tooth pulp or the small thread-like tissue found in the center of the tooth is being removed and the remaining space in between the tooth is being cleaned, filled and shaped after the damage or disease is being removed.

  • The Dental Fillings and Repairs.

Different classes of restorative material de odontologia are being used to repair the tooth which is caused by tooth decay and trauma. To be able to determine if you have tooth decay your dentist will be using several methods such as the x-rays, laser fluorescence, cavity detecting dye and the cavity detection aids.

  • The Dental Crowns or Caps.

In dentistry, the crowns are dental restorations that are designed to protect any damaged or cracked teeth. To describe, the dental crowns seats over the entire part of the tooth that lies above the gum lines and are made from porcelain, metal or a combination of the two.

  • The Tooth Extractions.

This is the most common type of dental procedure. In this, the tooth is removed from the socket in the bone. They are several reasons on why dentists are extracting the teeth like the tooth is damage and is severely decayed. But before the dentist come up to this resort they would try to use other methods to save the teeth.

  • The Teeth Whitening Process.

Human’s teeth naturally get darker as they age. But the staining on the teeth is caused by different foods and beverages like black tea, coffee, cigarettes and some drugs. In the teeth whitening process, the dentist will be using a peroxide-based material which is the most effective procedure in improving teeth stain and teeth discoloration.

  • The Dental Bridges and Implants.

This common procedure is known as the two ways of replacing any missing tooth or teeth. Besides those, the dental bridge is also known as a fixed removable denture that is designed to replace one or more missing teeth.