Top 8 Reasons Why Reusable Water Bottles are So Cool!

Almost ¾ of our human body is made up of water. This means that you and I need water, lots of water to live. This is also the reason on why almost all convenience store offers bottled water in case you get thirsty. But, do you know that using botellas de agua reutilizables / reusable water bottles are much practical and are way cooler than plastic bottles?

Why? We have here the Top 8 reasons:

Reason #1 Plastic Bottled Waters are Ugly.

In general, the majority of plastic bottles available in the convenient store does not have any appeal or is not pleasing to the eyes. Similar with your food, you want it to look good and taste good. The same goes with your water, would you drink water from an appealing plastic bottle or would you go for a botellas de agua reutilizables / reusable water bottle with great aesthetics? I can say that many would go for the second option.

Reason #2 Save more with reusable plastic bottles.

Once you use a botellas de agua reutilizables / reusable water bottle, you can save some money in the long run. As you buy bottled water which cost $1 per week, you spent a total of $165 on water bottles for the whole year. But, with a reusable bottle water that cost $10 or less, you can save $155 for the whole year.

Reason #3 Reusable water bottles prevent clutter.

With your busy office tasks, cleaning will be your last priority. With reusable bottle water, you are saved from all the clutter that can pile up on your desk with plastic bottles.

Reason #4 It comes in cute accessories.

Does your disposable bottled water come with a very convenient straw? I guess not. But, some of the available botellas de agua reutilizables / reusable water bottles today comes with a straw which is very handy for you.

Reason #5 Reusable water bottles are available in various styles.

With reusable water bottles, you can select any style that you want because it comes in different shapes, color, texture, and sizes. You’re the boss when it comes to your reusable water bottle.

Reason #6 It is a great gift idea.

Are you invited to a birthday party? If you are, you should find a great looking reusable water bottle and wrap it as a gift. For sure, the celebrant will appreciate it for the reason that reusable water bottles are very useful for outdoor activities.

 Reason #7 It provides a great carrying option.

Can you clip your disposable water bottle on your backpack? No right? Believe it or not, certain botellas de agua reutilizables / reusable water bottles are designed with a clip as a carrying option. Now you can carry your water anywhere you want to go.

Reason #8 Dishwasher safe.

When it comes to cleaning many of us have fallen in love with the dishwasher. So, would you mind washing your plastic water bottles at hand or just toss your reusable water bottles inside your beloved dishwasher?

With the reasons stated above, would you still use a disposable plastic bottle or opt for a reusable water bottle? It’s your choice.