What are the Benefits of Using the Free Email Verifier?

The free email verifier has been making the rounds online these days. However, they are nothing new. Years ago, emails have received a lot of threats from unauthorized access. Many internet users refer this as hacking, which is generally what most email accounts are experiencing. Through the efforts of the ones providing these emails, they make the extra effort of making sure all email accounts are opened up by its respective owners.


Being online account owners, you get to experience what this free email verification is all about. Many companies make use of this feature, especially when they are used in real-time. One of the reasons why this is performed by various companies is to make sure the information that you have retrieved online are accurate even before it makes it into your database. This means that it can be translated to various opportunities that can convert the users into potential paying customers.


How it works

You’ve already witnessed how this free email verification works. If the user inputs errors or does an inbox turnover, it can have a negative impact on the business’ marketing campaign. One of these problems it the decrease of the inbox placement in regards to high bounce rates. The free email verifier can aid in alleviating such burdens, and this is by addressing the source of the problem directly. This entirely depends on which email verification service they opted for. One of the things that you’ve witnessed the free email verifier at work is through preventing the email address from getting processed when the users input an invalid one. This is also one of the many reasons as to why it is a very popular among businesses that are collecting various emails in their database. By integrating it into any kind of opt-in mechanisms such as POS, CRM, message boards, custom web form or sign-up forms, they get to weed out the bad emails from ever making it into the database.


Here are the top benefits of using free email verifier: it prevents the high bound rates; reduces the cost of sending email campaigns to email addresses that are not valid; saving the time and minimizing hassles by using the automated tasks of pruning out from the email list data; aid in qualifying leads and segment the customer emails; and improve the open and the click-through rates. Again, you will be offered by various email verifier software all over the internet, but this all falls down by using the free email verifier.


The free email verifier may come out as free, but this is highly useful for businesses that wish to test the general side of things when it comes to using the email verifier – how useful it is going to be for businesses. While the significance of an email verifier is not so high at this moment, this is only so because you haven’t reached to a point that you will difficulty managing all emails of your customers. The email verifier will help you by getting rid of invalid emails. At least, it won’t end up in your list of emails that doesn’t need any email campaigns.