What are the Different Kinds of Computer Security Threats Under MSSP Canada?

Did you know that there are certain computer security threats identified by MSSP Canada are used as a carrier for giving unwanted people access to your computer? Some are very harmful while the others are the opposite, but are very annoying. There are those that do not do any damage to the computer, while others have the capacity to erase the numbers out of your bank account.


Below are some of the common computer security threats that most people are familiar about.


Trojan. Many people are familiar of trojan since it is the most popular term referred to computer virus when in fact, it is one of the many computer threats identified by MSSP Canada. It may sound so ancient, but like how the word trojan is used in the past, it is one of the most complicated of them. Some of the most complicated of them all are the SpyEye and Zeus. It has the ability to hide among the ‘safe’ computer programs. They attach themselves to a computer program, and once the installation program starts, they also include themselves. That is when they release their harmful ability and infect computers. They are highly ‘contagious’ too, by making their way through flash drive sharing.


Worms. This is categorized under the MSSP Canada as something almost harmless but can be very annoying to the point that you will have to do something about it. It has the ability to harm one computer from another within the internet or network. The risk here as defined by MSSP Canada is how it can use up a lot of HDD capacity because it replicates, not to mention it also consumes a lot of bandwidth since it keeps on spreading.


Virus. Many average users immediately conclude that the things bringing harm to their computer are a virus when in fact it can be a worm or a trojan. It is already a general term used as a way to refer to a thing that can alter the computers’ normal performance as something very erratic and unpredictable. However, virus has already been a very popular harmful item of the computer system that can be traced way back 10 years ago. It is a program created with malice in which it replicates itself. Its only aim is to destroy the computer. Its ultimate goal is to make sure the computer is operating beyond normal and will have difficulty functioning normally. These days you rarely see computer viruses, even if you still refer to harmful programs as viruses. It is the malware that is becoming very popular today, wherein it is designed to halt the performance of the computer in exchange for money.


Spyware. This is a malware that is created to spy on the computer according to MSSP Canada. If your computer is infected with a spyware, every activity that you do with your computer gets monitored. It will find a way for itself to contact the host of the malware. This kind of threat is used in gathering personal information that the attacker can use against their victim.