What is the Purpose of Email Validation?

You might not be familiar about email validation, but if you already have an email, then you have already used this feature. You just did not bother knowing the name of that process you just did.


Using the email validation form will save you heaps of time in trying to gather all the email addresses that you prefer to keep the ones you don’t. It is also a feature wherein you use in checking email addresses for free. Some websites do not allow users into submitting free email addresses through the web form. This is due to the address attached with ISP wherein it carries more trouble instead of its true worth.


Email validation – its purpose

The email validation form works on decreasing the number of fraud and chargebacks on things that may have been used in purchasing using the fraudulent email address. The validation process verifies the email address by checking it with the list of domains. The domains usually come with free email addresses saved into their database.


A script is utilized to offer assistance in this process. Users will find the email addresses considered legitimate. What you will need in this process is the first and last name, including the domain’s name or the address of the website. Those working in the backend of website development knows what email validation is, but they usually refer to this process as “syntax checking.” To them, this is the process that checks out any email addresses considered abnormal.


Using the email validation form will give you an idea whether the email is authentic or not.


With the use of the Domain Name System or the DNS, users like you will know right away if a mail server is being used, where the emails go through in the process of checking. You input the address and the system in turn will provide the results. Even if the input has a typo, the system will still catch it.


The script used for the email validation needs to check out the content if it uses the general syntax of the email. This pertains to the data that was inputted wherein it requires certain characters. The data must include the period and the ampersand sign. The address must never proceed with the ampersand as this will be considered invalid. The requirements for the period to be used must be at least one character following the ampersand sign.


All these processes sound complicated and stressful, but there are businesses online that offer this service as a way to protect your database from receiving bad emails. Every business, especially those conducting membership and eCommerce business must make use of this system so as to check whether the form that the users sent were legitimate. It will be a waste of time that has emails that mostly bounce all the time. If you want to get visitors and turn them into customers in the future, getting incorrect or bounced emails will only defeat such purpose.


You will get more accurate emails with the use of the email validation system.