Why Kassandra Screens are Known for Their Perfect Fit, Functional Products

The bathroom is one of the most intimate rooms in the house so every detail should look beautiful and functional. The shower door or screen has become an integral part and the focal point of the bathroom, making it the most prominent fixture one sees when entering the bath.

The current trend that’s gaining in popularity when it comes to shower screens is the frameless series since it adds to the open design and creates a feeling of space. Adding or installing a shower screen can be costly, although in the long term the investment will add to the home’s equity and make the most functional room a showcase of elegance and beauty.

When thinking of upgrading the bathroom, there are a lot of options available to replace old shower screens in the market. Glass shower screens have been used to replace shower curtains when toughened, shatterproof glass was invented, although there are limited styles to choose from. These utilitarian screens had been designed to let light into the shower at the same time to prevent water from escaping the shower enclosure. These old-fashioned shower screens did the job but not very attractive and limited the bathrooms design possibilities.

The old-style shower enclosures consist of toughened frosted or textured glass panes to limit visibility, surrounded by aluminum frames and can have either a hinged or sliding door. One of the most dramatic changes at the current glass shower screens was when manufacturers offered the framed or semi-framed clear glass shower enclosures.

The old-style glass shower screens, with their frames and frosted/tempered glass panels had made the bathroom appear smaller, while the clear glass, frameless shower screens had added a more spacious feeling to even a small bathroom.

The feeling of not getting privacy is a disadvantage of using clear glass panels. There are several types of shower glass that are available today in the market.

  • Frosted glass can give the user a feeling of privacy with its soft and pleasing appearance
  • Tinted glass has the ability to add hint of color and style without making the room feel smaller
  • Antiqued glass for traditional bathrooms
  • Etched glass panels for an artistic bathroom

These types of shower screens can be installed framed, semi-frameless or frameless, depending on personal preference. Even with a limited space and budget, there are so many styles to choose from and mamparas Kassandra offer a wide range of styles that will be a perfect fit for a home.

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